24 Nov 2020


“Education is actually a resilient long term growth sector, notwithstanding the coronavirus situation, and it is strongly headed in the direction of becoming more technologically enabled .”

The pandemic has pushed the world to drastically reinvent ways of coping with ‘new normal’.

An immediate and effective response to the pandemic and all the crisis was to go digital. Never in the history of higher education has online education been of greater importance than it is now. With the COVID-19 forced closing of schools and colleges, an unprecedented number of teachers, professors & students are pushed to embrace online teaching & learning for the first time. Even for those who had prior experience, the increased frequency, regularity and intensity of it as the new norm still represents a quite uncharted territory.


  1. LACK OF INTERACTION:- During online classes, it’s hard for teachers to keep students engaged without ateacher’s physical presence and face-to-face contact.
  2. DISTRACTION:- It’s one of thebiggest challenge for teachers is how to keep students on board and also it’s difficult to avoid their distractions from other social networking sites during the lockdown period.
  3. CONNECTIVITY:- Some are able to attend while some are facing connectivity issues and it’snot feasible for teachers to repeat the same topic again and again. Ifthey do repeat there’s shortage of time and teachers aren’t able to complete their syllabuson time.
  4. DIGITAL NOTES:- Turning teachingmaterials into digital format at such short notice has been a challenge as few teachers have strong digital andICT skills.
  5. LABORATORY WORK:-  For engineers it has been a challenge to learn and grasp concepts without performing the experiments in laboratories.


  1. SAFE:- What’smoreimportant than health? NOTHING! We’re safe attending the online classes fromhome and learning at the same time. Though virtual learning is not that feasible but it’s betterto first keepourselves safe and think about the rest of the things lateron.
  2. FEASIBLE:- Students don’t have to be at a particular venue at a particular time. They can attend the classes from wherever they are . Just need a good Wi-fi connection andthey are allgoodto go.
  3. TEACHER’S APPRECIATION:- Teachers areproviding theirbest tothestudents so that they can make them understand the topic without any misunderstanding.  Watchingtheir efforts, teachersare the one who are most appreciated.
  4. SAVED TIME:-  Time i.e  consumed while travelling or reaching to college and get home from college is also saved and that can make them use their time and learn any online course to improve their skills.


By:- Shruti Bhalla

Assistant Professor CSE Department